Night-Trail-Run-820x547“The Body Achieves What the Mind Believes”

Week 1

Truly, this is the first time I have ever written a blog. I am so excited that I will be able to design and implement a site that uses HTML and being able to add more to it each week as we progress in this class, my project will be about the steps I took to train for a half marathon and the process of it, but mostly it will be me creating and implementing my own design and being able to draw people to it, that is my goal. So far I have changed it up and will work on it more in the coming weeks!

Week 2

The focus of site is for people who like running in general, however my main focus is to create a bright attention seeker webpage to draw the attention of people seeking motivation and tips on working up to running in events. The main purpose of the blog site is learning more about HTML and how I can use the code to enhance my skills on adding images, links etc. There will be several phases that I will go through to ensure I cover all parts of my website.

            The planning phase will consist of writing requirements and documenting the topics for the content related to my theme. And then the design phase, creating a visual will be essential as getting a picture of the idea will help me bring it together. I will use Visio to create a process flow and identify what pages will link together. Furthermore, the build phase can take effect next as I have something to work off of to develop and construct, followed by Beta testing and ensuring what I built the site is working as designed. Once testing a has been done. I will be able to launch and ready to Go Live!!

Week 3 – Today just practicing using the styles and fonts. Super fun!

<!doctype html >
<html >
<title>Box Model</title>
border: 3px dotted black;
margin: 10px;
padding-bottom: 20px;

border: 2px solid black;
width: 500px;
margin: 20px; /* all four sides */
padding: 10px; /* all four sides */
h1, p
border: 1px dashed black;
padding: 10px;
margin: .5em 0 .25em; /*.5em top, 0 right and left, .25em bottom */
padding-left: 15px;
margin: 0; /* all four sides */
padding-left: 15px

<h1>OH HELLO</h1>
<p>Welcome to MY SITE.
Thanks for Stopping by!</p


Week 4 – I am working on adding to information to my WebPages. Here is my layout, I am a little late but should have graphics and hopefully a slide show on it by tomorrow night. Here is what the layout looks like and there is a footer as well. I have lots of ideas that I want to add. Capture

Week 5

Here is a sneak peek at my website. I changed it up a bit, the one above is a bit plane and boring. The updated site you see below is a little blurry, however you can still see where I tied in the links etc. Also, I tried to make it smaller but not working right now. I am getting more comfortable using the HTML and CSS code, but it is taking me forever to place it where it needs to go. In addition, it is getting more difficult to size the images to fit the page at times, but I think I am getting it down.


Week 6

Hello, I am still working on my web pages. I actually only have two pages done. So far its been good. I am catching up from last course project requirements. I will have it done by tomorrow or so. I will update this Blog with a screen shot of ALL my pages so you’ll be able to see a sneak peak of how it is coming all together.

Week 7

So far so good. I am enjoying updating the site and adding styles and colors. I added a feedback form and a customer information login on the Contact page. In case, anybody would like to receive notifications on the next 5k, 10k or half marathons. Here are some screen shots of what the pages look like so far. I should be complete by Friday. I really had a fun putting the site together, especially because we had more time to work on it this week 7!!!!

Training Page
Events Page
Feedback Form

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